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Spanish Police Seize Drugs Carrying Submarine Drones

#Spanish police have seized semi-submersible drones used by drug traffickers to ship narcotics across the Strait of #Gibraltar into #Spain. The Interior Ministry said in a report, this is the first time such purpose-made devices have been discovered in Spain. Three #drones, including one made out of a #surfboard, were found along with six large flying drones in several warehouses near the port city of #Cadiz.

The sea-borne devices were designed to travel 30 km or 19 miles carrying up to 200 kg/ 440 lbs of #marijuana and #hashish. “The navigation of these devices was done remotely via #GPS, so that a person or a member of the organization could check the location at any time and then arrange the docking from #home with a #tablet and the right #software,” Siloleo said.

The investigation lasted 14 months and allowed the police to seize over 150 kg of hashish and marijuana, equaling 157,000 #euros in cash and eight arrests in #Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on the #northern coast of #Morocco. Police also found cars with hidden compartments to take the drugs up north as far as #Denmark.

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