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Is That Legal? Here Is What You Need To Know About Flying With Cannabis

Is flying with cannabis legal? Marijuana legalization is on the rise. While federal legalization in the United States is looking extremely promising in 2022, the laws around cannabis are currently convoluted and often confusing.

For example, it’s legal to consume cannabis on public streets in New York City. But, it isn’t legal to do so in, say Denver, Colorado (or any other recreationally legal city in the U.S.) In some counties, it is legal to carry up to 2 ounces of weed. In others, less than an ounce is the legal limit. The laws around carrying your cannabis on your flight are also confusing. Are you traveling between legal states? Was your medicinal cannabis provided by an approved medical supplier? Is it in your carry-on or checked luggage? Are you flying from Oakland or Anchorage?

Not all airports have declared their stance on bringing cannabis to their airport. Some have completely okayed it, while others still have amnesty boxes right at security allowing you to throw your cannabis into the box before going through TSA. Some allow CBD oil, others allow medical cannabis.

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