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Global Healthcare Conversations with Mieko Perez ft. Dr. Bridget Goodwin

In the last five years, Australia recently legalized growing of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes cannabis at the federal level. And the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) also made low THC hemp food legal for human consumption in Australia.

In addition, the Australia Capital Territory just passed a bill allowing for possession and growth of small amounts of cannabis for personal use although the laws conflict with federal laws which prohibit adult-use of cannabis.

As medical marijuana legislation becomes a global movement, it’s no surprise that Australia has joined the cannabis education credential route with accredited courses like “Get Ready to Prescribe Medicinal Cannabis”, a course for Australian practitioners.

With two recently published papers for the World Apitherapy Congress on skin cancer and using cannabis with bee products for skin formulations, I could not pass up this opportunity to chat with Dr. Goodwin!

As an educator through the Aesthetic Academy of Wellness, Dr. Goodwin offers online education courses about the chemistry and applications of medicinal cannabis as the laws on this are changing around the world.

From studying and training students in Korean skincare techniques this led to an interest in apitherapy products and medicinal cannabis which when combined have amazing applications for skin care.

Let’s meet Dr. Goodwin!



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