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CBD Oil for Autism: Can CBD or rare cannabinoid CBDV help?

Have you seen the recent news and scientific studies on CBD oil for autism? Both CBD (cannabidiol) and rare cannabinoid CBDV (cannabidivarin) show potential for aiding some of the behavioral aspects associated with autism. These include anxiety, irritability, self-injury, repetitive behaviors, and sleep deficits.

In this article, we will look at laboratory, animal, and human studies on CBDV, CBD and autism. We will take a close look at their potential impact on cognitive and social functioning. If you’d like to jump ahead, scroll down for bullet-pointed lists of links to scientific studies and medical research.

There are many studies demonstrating CBD’s ability to promote stress resilience, calm, and balance, and reduce discomfort. Children, adolescents, and adults have tested both CBD and CBDV. Most people consider non-psychoactive cannabinoids safe and to have few side effects. However, the FDA has approved just one CBD product for seizures. Because of this, if you’d like to try CBDV or CBD oil for autism, it is extremely important to find safe, trustworthy manufacturers and oils. In addition, one should always speak to their primary care physician before taking cannabinoids or any new supplements.

Want to try CBDV or CBD?

Rare Cannabinoid Company is the first brand to offer a pure CBDV oil extract tincture.

If you’d like to buy CBDV oil, we have the tincture for you. Rare Cannabinoid Company is the first and only brand to offer a pure CBDV oil. It is a 500 mg CBDV oil tincture in certified organic MCT coconut oil. We also offer CBD isolates, full spectrum CBD oils, blends, and CBD gummies. The rest of our product line includes tinctures and gummies of cannabinoids and terpenes such as CBDA, CBC, CBG, CBN, and THCV. All products are made in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility. This assures the quality and consistency of each batch of every product. Products are then third-party lab tested. This proves that they contain exactly what’s on the label. It also ensures that there are no residual solvents or contaminants. (Buy CBD oils, isolates, full spectrum and gummies or shop rare cannabinoids here.)

Prevalence of autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is one of the most prevalent disorders in the world. In fact, one in 44 American children has autism, according to the CDC. People with autism spectrum disorder have problems with communication, social interaction, reduced interest, and repetitive behaviors. Unfortunately, there are no medications to treat the core cognitive and behavioral symptoms of autism. The FDA has only approved two medications for autism-associated agitation and irritability. And, they often produce negative side effects. This leaves many families looking outside conventional therapies to seek help for their loved ones.

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