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CBD & Anxiety- Can CBD Help with Anxiety

CBD products have become a new hit craze and have been marketed as a miracle cure for a variety of ailments.

People use these products for everything from pain relief to a cure for anxiety, and the products range from bath bombs to gummies. Some people swear by CBD’s curative powers, but how effective is CBD oil for anxiety?

Using CBD for Anxiety Relief

Traditionally a taboo topic, mental health has more recently been brought to light. While this topic is more openly discussed now than decades before, many people still fear going to a mental health facility for help. Instead, they are turning to natural and over-the-counter drugs like CBD.

Because CBD has grown in popularity recently and is a newer craze, the research is also new. While people are convinced that CBD for anxiety is a viable cure for these symptoms, research on its efficacy for anxiety relief still needs to be done. One study found that CBD was able to decrease anxiety scores in 79% of patients after one month; these scores remained lower throughout the study.1 Another study shows that CBD oil may also be an option for treating anxiety disorders in the future. Monitored oral doses were found to reduce anxiety in people with a social anxiety disorder and also showed signs of being able to help people with PTSD.2 While these results are promising, there are some potential caveats. Like any drug, there may be some side effects and the long-term effects are not well known.

This area of study is mostly under-researched and the results are not yet conclusive, so relying on CBD for anxiety disorder treatment alone is not a good option. Another concern comes with the drastic differences from one CBD product to another. Because CBD products are not strictly regulated, their potencies can vary drastically. These differences make it difficult for consumers to monitor exactly what they are taking as well as find an effective product.

When CBD Oil for Anxiety Doesn’t Work

CBD oil and other natural remedies for anxiety may not work for everyone. Especially for those with severe anxiety disorders instead of just those who are anxious, oil and home remedies alone may not be enough. Instead of doing the bare minimum to combat these symptoms, it may be time to take a more intensive approach. Other viable options for treatment may include several different therapy techniques and medication, but everyone is different. At Banyan Mental Health, our mood disorder treatment in Boca works with patients to find the best treatment plan for them.



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