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Can CBD oil treat symptoms of Parkinson's?

A number of small studies and anecdotal evidence suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) oil for Parkinson’s may help with some symptoms. However, there is no conclusive research showing CBDs effectiveness in treating Parkinson’s or its symptoms.

The Parkinson’s Foundation issued a Consensus Statement on the Use of Medical Cannabis for Parkinson’s Disease in 2020. Medical cannabis includes derivative compounds such as THC and CBD. The statement urges caution, pointing to potential side effects, and emphasizes the need for more research.

That said, as of yet, the Food and Drug Administration has only approved one CBD-based drug for the treatment of a rare seizure disorder. This approval has increased interest in the use of CBD in the treatment of movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s.

Read on to learn more about using CBD oil for Parkinson’s, including the benefits, risks, and more...


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