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Big Victory in The Small State of Rhode Island With The Signing of The Cannabis Act Into Law

On Wednesday #Governor#DanMcKee signed the #RhodeIsland#Cannabis Act into law, which effectively legalized cannabis for #adults over the age of 21. In addition to implementing guidelines under which to sell and #tax cannabis products, a key provision in this bill will also automatically #expunge prior #civil or #criminal charges for cannabis #possession, starting in 2024. He emphasized the “equitable, controlled, and safe” nature of the bill, claiming that the “end result is a win for the state both socially and economically.” #Retail sales are set to begin on December 1st of this year, but expect to see delays. The plan is to transition the state’s existing three #medical#dispensaries into recreational stores, as well as providing licenses to 6 more stores that are currently in various stages of planning. A three-member ‘cannabis control commission’ appointed by the governor, will decide who receives the additional 24 licenses that are planned for the coming years.

Regarding taxes, recreational cannabis will be taxed at 20 percent which includes a new 10 percent general “cannabis” tax, a new 3 percent tax by the community where the #marijuana is sold, and the current 7 percent sales tax.’ Additionally, this new law will give courts until July 1, 2024, to begin the process of automatically expunging past convictions. There are roughly 27,000 cases where possession of weed was the only charge, leaving those cases eligible for expungement. Anyone who wants their expungement sooner may submit a request for consideration.

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