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Amazon Pushes For Cannabis Legalization, Yet Intentions Are Still Unclear

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#Amazon wants to start selling #cannabis, but they say they are on the legal bandwagon for other reasons. The company has endorsed legislation by #US Representative #Nancy Mace to end the #federal prohibition on #pot. Reports claim this is the first time it has backed a #Republican-led bill on the issue. #Legalizing pot could also open the door to a #lucrative new market for the largest #online retailer. But the #tech giant says they are not interested in selling pot. “There are no plans to sell cannabis, and that is not why we’re doing this or “being involved” in this #debate. We realized that it was a hindrance to our ability to hire #employees,” said Amazon vice president of #public#policy Brian Huseman.

Nancy Mace has commented that “it’s crucial to have #businesses big and small recognize the ramifications of cannabis prohibitions and what a detriment it is that the federal government is getting in the way of #state#law and these kinds of #reforms.” Amazon has been working hard at adapting to the new policies and changes that come with legalizing cannabis. They are backing up these changes by welcoming a new employment policy to end drug #testing for cannabis for most workers. The company announced last year they are in favor of legalization efforts, and they have since lobbied both publicly and privately for other, #Democratic-led proposals that like Mace’s would remove #marijuana from the federal government’s list of #controlled substances.

Furthermore, the company no longer includes marijuana in their comprehensive drug screening program for any positions not regulated by the Department of #Transportation. The hope was it would lead to a significant reduction in the number of workers in the country who face the prospect of being fired simply for using cannabis at #home, while not on the clock, and it’s been a good chance for Amazon to remove hiring impediments and attain more employees. What do you think Amazon’s real intentions are? Are they another predator in the market for small businesses and minority entrepreneurs that don’t stand a chance? Or could this be a good thing for the future of cannabis? Let us know in the comments and be sure to like and subscribe.

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