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Medical Leadership
Engagement Series volume: 1 

March 15, 2023 | Time: 6pm-7pm EST | Cost: Free

The Medical Leadership Engagement Series discussion is geared towards facilitating a conversation centered around medical topics covering the cannabis industry. This unique opportunity allows individuals to interact with professionals from around the world and spark insight within the medical community.  Registration for panelist and event are now open. Taking place online March 15, 2023. Register Today!


Discussion Highlights:

·         Issues concerning the Medical Network Community relating to the Cannabis Industry

·         Medical Providers in network facilitation of Cannabis

·         The importance of Provider Leadership

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Professional panelist
Dr. Bridget Cole Williams

Dr. Bridget Cole Williams is an established board-certified family physician, best-selling author, and the CEO of Green Harvest Health, a medical cannabis and integrative health clinic located in Ohio. With nearly 20 years of experience in family medicine from The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Bridget combines her medical background with certifications in life and cannabis coaching into her practice. She provides valuable “motivational talks” on medical cannabis, CBD products and business development, life balance and confidence, and a variety of additional topics. In 2019, 

Dr. Bridget formulated and launched her own CBD medicinal line of products, followed by her line of hemp infused beauty products. When not seeing patients, Dr. Bridget hosts podcast shows, creates educational curriculum, and serves on various boards.


Dr. Bridget also runs a nonprofit, GHH Community Foundation, which helps to fund her book Courage In Cannabis. She uses the nonprofit to provide an opportunity for individuals to share their cannabis stories and become published authors. Dr. Bridget is honored to have been recognized as Top Female Business, Top Minority Business with the Ohio MBE 2021, Women in Medicine Top Doctor 2021, Top 100 Entrepreneurs 2022, Disruptors 50 Under 50 Brightest Disruptors, and is a respected and sought after thought leader, and expert in the cannabis industry.  

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 Amber Lynn Vitale 

Amber Lynn Vitale practiced as a Certified Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Clinical Consultant, Advanced Bodyworker and Yoga Therapist since 1996. Much of her nutrition practice was in collaboration with Functional Medicine doctors and other Integrative Practitioners. Since 2008 she has also produced written and video educational content for many publications, as well as for her own clients and an interested public audience. By 2012 she had realized that raw materials sourcing, labeling transparency, legitimate certifications, and educational support were the criteria that would set quality products apart from others, and she made it her mission to educate the public on the importance of education before supplementation. Amber continues to write, lecture, and produce online content on health and wellness topics important to the practitioner and the patient alike.

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